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orphaned lilly toddles
Posted On 16/09/2011 19:14:14 by lillytoddles

As mees no does do habs a pawent figure, I have been my daddy, I punished lilly when she has been bad. Things like locking her in more nappies, a big baby dress, and chucking the keys outside so she cannot set herself free of the nappies and dress, untill she finds the keys. Sometimes this means if someone knocks on the door, lilly has to answer it in her big baby clothes and bulky nappies, wearing her lily toddles bib, or I love mummy bib, a bonnet and sucking on her dummy, which is tied in her mouth with ridbbon attached to it. or I make her toddle about outside between two am, and five pm. Sometimes like all toddlers she has a messy nappy, and I make her wear the soiled nappy for a couple og hours, before I clean her up, then put clean nappies on her, lock her rhumba panties on over her nappies, put a dress on her, which is usually lockable, if not I chain her wrists to the chain on her waterproofs. I really need someone to help me with my little sissy baby girl, a woman who knows how to handle a big baby girl, who is naughty sometimes like all children are.

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