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bABy Punishment.
Posted On 15/09/2011 18:35:20 by lillytoddles

This is my first ever blog, I have never written a blog before. I was first punished as an adult bABy when I was six, when my Granddad died I started wetting my bed, and mum punished me in the summer holidays as a baby girl. Then again when I started drinking after my dad died when I was 18. One of mums friends helped her, I was locked in a thick nappy after I had collapsed in bed, I woke up next morning dressed in two nappies, a disposable over a thick terry nappy, rubber waterproofs locked on over nappies, and locked in a short dress. I escaped from this, by leaving home when I was nineteen.  Two moves later when I was twenty one, I met a girl and moved in with her after a few months, she found out about my earlier baby punishments, and as I was stilll drinking, and occasionally wetting our bed, and Maggy decided to the same.  This lasted for three years or so, untill I left her. I had a few years more of drinking and bed wetting, put a nappy on myself, I took a few nappies and couple pair of  locking pants in case I still needed them. These were the same ones I was put in when I was eighteen I think, at least similar to them. I stopped drinking when twenty three years old, I died in a car crash when I was 26, became full time icontinent but did not realise it, due to memory loss from brain damage. Two years or so later I met Lucy (?I think was her name), she helped me cope with my incontinence, then she met my mum, and I was babied again for years. Now I am single and need a mummy, as I have got so used to being Lily toddles now, and need/want a Mumy, Aunty, Governess or AB Dominatrix, to keep me babied for as long and much as possible, with no sex, babies can't have sex, and am not really capable of that, and don't miss or want it anymore.

I hope you enjoyed my blog, and I have done it right. hugsessssa

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