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About Me
Posted On 18/02/2010 11:42:44 by mistressmortica

I am a dark and slightly dangerous dominatrix.

I have a black sense of humour, and character defects which I'm not afraid to use!

I specialise in sissy maid training, and alot of my work is involved with taking sissy maids out in public.

I like nothing more than to give them a completely humiliating, yet empowering experience.

I love to see My sissies squirm under my stern gaze, and to feel the sting of My cane upon their lovely soft bottoms.

I am always on the lookout for ways to push the boring boundaries that convention has set.

Although very nervous at first, under My strict control and confidence, the maids always get a huge sense of achievment and pride when they return from an outing with Me, and they look forward to the next time. It's a bit like going on a rollercoaster, it's terrifying, but as soon as it's over you want to go again.

I have very popular videos on Youtube,which I make with My business partner Mistress Icecold.Check them out. They are on Mistress Icecold's channel, as I had My channel closed down!

We are currently having a website built, which is intended to create an unconventional community, and will be very interactive, as well have having all the videos for your viewing.

If you like the videos, please subscribe, let's get out into the world!

See you all again soon,

                                  Mistress Morticia

Tags: Femdom Domination Sissy Maid Submission

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18/07/2011 21:01:40

is shame Madame is in england!!! bows then does her best to curtsey

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