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JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT is a sissy faggot to be exposed over the internet
Posted On 06/04/2017 17:05:33 by sissyleah43

Feel free to expose Jeffrey all over the internet so he cannot avoid being recognized for the sissy homo faggot he really is.

JEFFREY ROSSMAN who lives in CONNECTICUT is asking to be exposed over the internet in a bra and panty so everyone will see him for the homosexual sissy faggot he really is. His family and friends have no idea Jeffrey shaves his legs and has always wanted to be a girl. Jeffrey always wears panties and pantyhose under his boy clothes and loves wearing lace panties and short skirts when he is with  a boy and loves to be with boys particularly when they are naked and hard because he knows what will be expected of him. He has a website where all his profiles are located and he gives permission to use them as you see fit. It is at https://itsmyurls.com/sissyleahrossman. Jeffrey fears people learning what he has always been but a sissy faggot has no rights and he wants people to know what he really is. Jeffrey is  homosexual sissy faggot who loves boys. And always has.

 I am JEFFREY ROSSMAN, a sissy faggot queer from CONNECTICUT and I do hereby release all rights and ownership over any of my files, photos, and information. All files, photos, and information shall be considered public domain and have no copyright claims attached and are available at https://itsmyurls.com/sissyleahrossman. Anyone is free to download and or redistribute in any manner they see fit, even for commercial use. Please save and expose all my pictures with my real name added so they can never be removed and continue to maintain my exposure so everyone who sees them, particularly family and friends, will know Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut is a homo sissy faggot who shaves his legs, wears panties and bras, and is in love with boys.

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