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orphaned lilly toddles
Posted On 16/09/2011 19:14:14 by lillytoddles
As mees no does do habs a pawent figure, I have been my daddy, I punished lilly when she has been bad. Things like locking her in more nappies, a big baby dress, and chucking the keys outside so she cannot set herself free of the nappies and dress, untill she finds the keys. Sometimes this means if someone knocks on the door, lilly has to answer it in her big baby clothes and bulky nappies, wearing her lily toddles bib, or I love mummy bib, a bonnet and sucking on her dummy, which is tied in her... Read More

bABy Punishment.
Posted On 15/09/2011 18:35:20 by lillytoddles
This is my first ever blog, I have never written a blog before. I was first punished as an adult bABy when I was six, when my Granddad died I started wetting my bed, and mum punished me in the summer holidays as a baby girl. Then again when I started drinking after my dad died when I was 18. One of mums friends helped her, I was locked in a thick nappy after I had collapsed in bed, I woke up next morning dressed in two nappies, a disposable over a thick terry nappy, rubber waterproofs locked on... Read More

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