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Having to expose my real name for increased humiliation
Posted On 14/01/2013 21:47:51 by sissyleah43

My real name is Jeffrey Rossman and I am from Connecticut. Online, I am known as sissyleah43, sissyleah4366, or sissyleahrossman. I am a sissy although people who know me have no idea that I shave my legs, wear panties, pantyhose, have noticeable breasts, wear bras, skirts, blouses and high heels.
In this picture, I am wearing a blue leotard and you can also see how I have developed my breasts. People who know me have absolutely no idea I enjoy being feminine. I like not only look... Read More

université d'été, part 2
Posted On 20/06/2010 17:36:10 by chris3290
Université d’été… seconde session. Episode 1 : retour au centre Le rapport de ma première session au centre n’avait pas été très glorieux.  A la fin, les Maîtres m’avaient donnés les notes suivantes : Respect des Maitres 6/10 Rigole, sourit sous la critique Sagesse 5/10 Se tripote, se frotte !!  Voire provoque Initiation Poney-Play 5/10 Manque de concentration, mais c’était une première Capacité à rester en semi-liberté 4/10 N... Read More

université d'été, parti 1
Posted On 20/06/2010 17:34:58 by chris3290
Université d’été… première session. Episode 1 : chaleur torride Août 2009 : une chaleur écrasante brunit les plaines du bord de Méditerranée alors que je franchis un double portail vert…  Une fois parqué, je sors de ma voiture bien climatisée.  Première claque, la chaleur : ça commence bien ! Les instructions des Maîtres étaient : passer le portail, le refermer, enfiler une cagoule aveugle et de me menotter.  Me voilà, debout, à atten... Read More

my new bikini
Posted On 10/03/2010 20:45:24 by redlace
Lady just came home from Her daily shopping trip.  “I have a present for you,” She announced, “get the box from the car.”  It was a small box, but Lady does not carry anything from the garage up the stairs to the house.  The box was not gift wrapped, but it was taped closed.  From experience, i know that these gifts are usually addition to my sissy wardrobe.  “Oooh how nice”, i cooed as i looked at a tiny little bikini in a bright floral print. Last wee... Read More

Posted On 13/02/2010 20:24:01 by redlace
Sunday, February 7, 2010 is a day i will always remember.  New Orleans won the superbowl, but that was not the defining aspect of the day.   It started out routine enough.  i made Lady Her coffee and prepared breakfast, all while dressed in the babydoll nighty that i had worn to bed, along with some cute polka dot wedge heels that serve as my slippers.   As Lady allows, Sunday morning i am allowed the luxery of a relaxing bath in our spa tub.  Of course, i shave... Read More

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