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Self bondage enema adventure
Posted On 06/12/2009 18:06:09 by redlace
my Lady is not into enemas, so i sneak around and flush myself clean whenever She is away from the house. Next week She will be leaving on a two week business trip. I plan to "irrigate" daily.

i have wondered about punishment enemas - those will induce high levels of cramps. There is much said about M&M enemas, but no one says much about the cleanup, both of the bag and the toilet. It seems to me molasses will be a sticky mess. Does anyone have any experience in this regard?
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bathing suit prisoner
Posted On 28/11/2009 06:31:58 by redlace
Lady has a very simple device to make almost any piece of clothing “bondage wear”. At the local fabric shop She bought an “eyelet tool.” This is much like a grommet tool, only the fittings are smaller, much like the holes in shoes where the laces pass.

By installing an eyelet on each side of a zipper, bra strap or button hole She can use a simple luggage padlock to keep me confined.

At this moment i am trapped in a bathing suit with the rear straps locked together. The... Read More

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