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JEFFREY ROSSMAN, being exposed on the internet, as a sissy faggot from...
Posted On 05/08/2014 01:27:27 by sissyleah43
sissyleahrossman’s URLs: Check out all of sissyleahrossman’s social network profiles on ItsMyURLs! Please expose my pictures all over the internet and enjoy yourself knowing I could be recognized by people who know me but never knew I was a sissy. My real name is Jeffrey Rossman and I am from Connecticut and I am to be exposed across the internet for the sissy I really am. People who know me in the real world have no idea I shave my legs, wear panties, that I wear bras, pantyhose, skir... Read More

Sissy Jeffrey Rossman seen in a short blue skirt, sweater, pantyhose,...
Posted On 31/07/2014 15:52:49 by sissyleah43
Though I fear being exposed and people who may know me as Jeffrey Rossman learning I am really a sissy who not only shaves his legs, wears panties, puts on nail polish and dresses as a girl but that I also like looking at naked men and watching as they get hard, I also have to admit I want to be exposed so that I may face the humiliation of people learning the truth about me. I always kept my secret from those who know me. No one was to know my feminine side or that I have been in... Read More

Jeffrey Rossman admits he likes being a sissy
Posted On 27/07/2014 15:14:30 by sissyleah43
My online name is sissyleah43, although my real name is Jeffrey Rossman.  And I live in Connecticut.  People who know me have always  seen me as a man because I kept my real secret from everyone who has ever known me in the real world. Now I am admitting my secret. I shave my legs, wear panties, pantyhose, skirts, and high heels. I even have developed my breasts to the extent I can wear a bra without inserts. I no longer have pubic hair and I admitting I am a sissy, that I... Read More

Jeffrey Rossman exposed as a sissy in public
Posted On 19/07/2014 15:37:50 by sissyleah43

Though people who know me as Jeffrey Rossman think I am a man, in reality, I prefer being more soft and feminine and I really think men are nice to have around. No one who knows me is aware I prefer being an effeminate sissy. Here, you can see me in a pink little sissy dress, under which I am wearing a white bikini panty and white pantyhose. I always keep my legs shaved, wear panties and I now have noticeable breasts which can easily fill a bra without having to use inserts. People wh... Read More

sissy Jeffrey Rossman in a bra and panty admitting he likes men
Posted On 19/07/2014 14:55:26 by sissyleah43
I have been told that not only must I be seen in bra and panty but that my real name must be shown so that my fear of being recognized as a sissy queer will be increased as my picture is reblogged and posted all over the internet. I admit I enjoy shaving my legs and wearing panties and bras,and that I find myself attracted more to men but I have always kept this to myself. No one was ever to know my feminine side. But now, I have to make this knowledge public and face the possible humil... Read More

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