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université d'été, part 2
Posted On 20/06/2010 17:36:10 by chris3290
Université d’été… seconde session. Episode 1 : retour au centre Le rapport de ma première session au centre n’avait pas été très glorieux.  A la fin, les Maîtres m’avaient donnés les notes suivantes : Respect des Maitres 6/10 Rigole, sourit sous la critique Sagesse 5/10 Se tripote, se frotte !!  Voire provoque Initiation Poney-Play 5/10 Manque de concentration, mais c’était une première Capacité à rester en semi-liberté 4/10 N... Read More

université d'été, parti 1
Posted On 20/06/2010 17:34:58 by chris3290
Université d’été… première session. Episode 1 : chaleur torride Août 2009 : une chaleur écrasante brunit les plaines du bord de Méditerranée alors que je franchis un double portail vert…  Une fois parqué, je sors de ma voiture bien climatisée.  Première claque, la chaleur : ça commence bien ! Les instructions des Maîtres étaient : passer le portail, le refermer, enfiler une cagoule aveugle et de me menotter.  Me voilà, debout, à atten... Read More

Self bondage enema adventure
Posted On 06/12/2009 18:06:09 by redlace
my Lady is not into enemas, so i sneak around and flush myself clean whenever She is away from the house. Next week She will be leaving on a two week business trip. I plan to "irrigate" daily.

i have wondered about punishment enemas - those will induce high levels of cramps. There is much said about M&M enemas, but no one says much about the cleanup, both of the bag and the toilet. It seems to me molasses will be a sticky mess. Does anyone have any experience in this regard?
... Read More

bathing suit prisoner
Posted On 28/11/2009 06:31:58 by redlace
Lady has a very simple device to make almost any piece of clothing “bondage wear”. At the local fabric shop She bought an “eyelet tool.” This is much like a grommet tool, only the fittings are smaller, much like the holes in shoes where the laces pass.

By installing an eyelet on each side of a zipper, bra strap or button hole She can use a simple luggage padlock to keep me confined.

At this moment i am trapped in a bathing suit with the rear straps locked together. The... Read More

Lady's gone, time to play
Posted On 16/07/2009 19:00:39 by redlace
my Lady was traveling out of town for a week so i had some time to plan a little recreation. Don’t get me wrong, i love being Lady’s sissy maid. But Lady does not understand my desire to feel trapped and vulnerable. The planning began weeks ago and each idle moment i would revise the plan to make it even more difficult and uncomfortable.

Lady had an early morning flight. On the way home from the airport i mailed a set of key to our house. Just to be safe, i drove to a ne... Read More

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